Monday, October 27, 2008

Police Pumpkin Chase 5K - October 26, 2008

Tom and I went to the Police Pumpkin Chase 5k in New Canaan on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful fall day. We met up with Jeanette, Tony, Frank, Emmy, Rob and Roy. The race is run on roads and trails in and around Waveny Park. Tom, who is pretty new to running, pulled off a PR by more than 2 minutes! He has been battling with side stitches in the past, but didn't have any problems with that in yesterday's race.

Jeanette and Tony

Emmy and Kate
Kate and Tom

Frank, Roy, Tom, Kate and Rob

Emmy and Kate

Kate, Frank and Emmy
Tom, Frank and Emmy

Kate and Tom
Kate and Tom finishing the race

Rob, Roy, Emmy, Kate and Tom


Emmy picking out her prize

Emmy picking out her prize

Emmy after the race

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  1. great photos! In the last one I am next to my attractive friend who has 5 kids:)) I gave away award ---Republican socks ---to John Gibbon's wife for her 66th birthday today --couldn't resist as she is our town Republican rep. Congrats to Tom on his P.R. and thanks for sharing the photos!! Have fun at the expo!