Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweetheart 4 Miler - February 14, 2009

What a fabulous race! I had so much fun at the Sweetheart race this morning. I got to see many of my running friends, challenge myself on a hilly 4 mile course and come home with hardware! This race has the usual age group categories for awards, but also adds a couples award system. The age categories for couples are calculated by adding the two ages together and the times are taken by adding the two runners times together. I picked Brian to be my 'Sweetheart' so with him being 38 and me being 41 we were in the 70s division. This should be a pretty competitive category, especially since we were old for this category coming in at 79 years. However, Brian is a very fast runner and helped us to place 3rd in our division. Brian and I also got trophies for each coming in 3rd in our individual categories.

As you can see from the photos below many of my friends also received trophies and medals. Congrats to Frank, Emmy, Andie, Ronnie, and Paul.

Andie, Paul and Ronnie

Boomer (Pugle - part Pug, part Beagle)

Frank, Rob and Emmy

Chris, Frank, Rob and Emmy

Chris, Frank, Rob and Emmy


Brian, Kate, Emmy and Frank

Ronnie, Paul and Andie

My trophy and medal

Frank's photos:

Emmy and Kate

Kate and Frank

Brian and Kate ("Sweethearts")

Boomer and Kate

Emmy, Ronnie and Paul


Sherry and Marty

Brian, Kate, Emmy and Frank


  1. Kate -- I had so much fun yesterday. This was a tough course and I was so proud of you to run an 8:09 pace! and come in third in your age group. Brian is really fast (and congrats to him too) so even though you were in a tough team age group you guys came in third!! Yeah --as I said in Frank's blog, it was worth it to see you and Brian with all that hardware. I think Rob had fun too, even though he was sick.

  2. Kate,Congrats to you and Braian!
    I am soooo happy to hear that you got a cute trophy and medal!
    That's great!
    I wish I could have one!
    Again, congrats to you!

  3. Thank you! Emmy, Great job by you and Frank also. It was a tough course, but the initial downhill mile was awesome!

    Ikuko, I was hoping that you and Sean would go to the race and team up. You have the speed and he has the age! ;o)

  4. Kate,

    Congratulations on your 3rd place AG award and your "couples" award!

    Your puppy is really cute. Was he at the race cheering you on? My dog sporadically shows up for my races (although he depends on Tristan, my husband to drive him because most of my events are marathons and thus 5+ hours long!)

    Take care,

  5. Thanks Tammy! I had such a great time and the trophy stuff was very unexpected.

    The puppy is not mine. I just thought that he looked so cute that I had to keep getting photos taken. The owner was joking around about charging $5 per photo taken with his dog.

  6. congratulations Kate. I totally bomb out at this one. Great Photos. I luv the pup

  7. wow I can't believe I actually posted a comment.