Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MRI Results - Good News!

MRI Report

There is focal soft tissue swelling along the anteromedial aspect of the patella. There is no adjacent bone contusion. There is a separate and relatively subtle focus of the subchondral marrow edema within the lateral facet near the median ridge. The adjacent patella cartilage appears intact. Both the medial and lateral menisci are intact and no discrete meniscal tear is seen. The cruciate ligaments appear normal. There is a subtle area of soft tissue edema in the lateral aspect of the knee between the lateral femoral condyle and the iliotibial band. This may represent iliotibial band syndrome as the patient is an active runner and clinical correlation is recommended. The remainder of the lateral collateral ligament complex appears normal. There is no other area of significant bone marrow edema.

I saw the doctor today and the issues seem to be more of the same with my hips being out of alignment and my ITB being tight. I am scheduled for PT with Francesco after work tomorrow.

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