Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photos from Holiday Run for Kids - December 7th 2008

The Holiday Run for Kids race in Fairfield provides an opportunity for runners to contribute toys to needy children in the area. It has also become a celebration of Doc George Whitney's Birthday. This year he will be turning 90!!! Marty made arrangements with one of Doc's daughters to get the whole family to the race to celebrate with him. Doc has always been a 'fan' favorite at our local races. He has a great sense of humor and always has a slogan or two on his race shirts to make us laugh.

I was not able to run the race due to knee pain, but this gave me the perfect opportunity to take lots of pictures. It had snowed the day before so it was really pretty out with the snow still in the trees.

The Channel 12 news team was also at the race and ran the story on the news that evening and the following morning.

Pre-Race photos

Richard, Paul and Gail

Bruce and Brian

Doc George Whitney / AKA Birthday Boy

Doc wearing one of his custom designed running shirts

Marty making pre-race announcements

Doc and Marty's Dad

Mark from

Mark working with his daughters

Doc with additional sign made up by his family

Doc with his family

Andrea and Paul


All Runners at the start line with Doc at the front of the pack

Ready to go

Hank and Chris

Brian and Torpedo



Gail running with her dog 'Big Monster'


Doc coming around the first loop with Mike and Donna

Chris Dickerson from the Woodbridge Running Company coming in to the finish. Finished 2nd overall.




Andrea - 1st female





Gail and Monster



Doc with family joining him

Channel 12 News Crew preparing to interview Doc


Doc preparing to cut his Birthday Cake

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