Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Fool's 5k - Easton, CT - April 4, 2009


I had not planned to run this race since I was signed up to run the Danbury Half marathon the next day. However, two of my friends had told me that they would be running it and I've never run it before so I thought it would be fun. The drive up Morehouse Road from Fairfield into Easton was a very pretty. The race started at Staples Elementary School, which looked like a beautifully updated farmhouse.

When I got there I saw Brian, Kellie, Richard and Donna. Kellie also introduced me to her friend, Heather. We were all surprised at how cold and windy it was and that it was raining. There were many families with little kids at this race and it was funny to see some of the kids dressed up to run in sweaters.

The rain stopped by the time the race started and the wind seemed to die down significantly also. I found the weather to be really good for running. We all lined up at the start line and tried to encourage some of the smaller kids to move back from the front line so that they wouldn't get trampled.

I started out the race at a fast pace due to being caught up in the crowd. The first mile was mostly downhill so I was very happy with the fast start. I slowed down significantly on the hill, but then picked it up again after that. My splits from my GPS watch were: 7:13, 7:43, 7:55, :32 = 23:24 3:07 miles average of a 7:37 pace.

As soon as I finished I cheered for Kellie and Heather. Well, I don't know if 'cheering' is really the term I should use since I was actually 'yelling' to Kellie that she had to pick it up and beat the woman in front of her. She made me proud by going into a full sprint and leaving the woman in her dust! Go Girl! We then back inside for some post-race refreshments. They had a great selection of bagels, prepared foods and drinks.

Kellie, Heather and I chatted while they picked out numbers in the raffle and awarded trophies to the winners and age group leaders. I was very happy to find out that I had earned a trophy by finishing 1st in my divison.



Kellie and Heather



Fred, Kate and Richard


  1. first in your division? woo hoo!!! nice photos -I do miss Donna and it is nice to see her photo!!!

  2. congrats on your age group win Kate nice job