Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Chilly Chili 5k Run

We had previously celebrated Doc. Whitney's 90th birthday at the Holiday run for kids in Fairfield, but that took place a few weeks before his birthday. This race was the first one with Doc running in his new age group. It was a tough day to run a race with it being in the single digits temperature wise with the wind chill and having to run with snow, slush and ice on the ground. Despite the harsh conditions, there was a great turnout with almost 300 finishers.

Notice that Brian comes to most races wearing a shirt from that same race from many years ago. In many cases Brian has the shirt from the first annual running of the race. No, it's not that he's that old, but he has been running for a long long time!


The Chili Pepper

Here comes Doc!

Race director, Joe Riccio, presenting Doc with his trophy for finishing first in his age group.

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