Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boston Buildup 10K - January 4th 2009 - Norwalk


I was happy to be able to run in this year's 10k. Last year I ran this race, but was not able to run the rest of the series due to an injury. I'm starting out in a similar situation this year, but hope that I can run through the injury. I am only running 2 days a week so I hope this will allow my knee to heal.

It was great to see such a big turn out for this race. The temperature was pretty good with it being in the 30s. There was some ice on the ground in the parking lot, which made for slow going at the start and finish, but the rest of the course was pretty dry.

I got to run a little with Jill, which always makes the race much more enjoyable. It was nice to see Jeanette, who I hadn't seen for a month or so. I'd like to wish her luck in the Disney Marathon, which she will be running on Sunday.

Joe, Jill, Jeanette and Kate

Joe, John, Jill, John and John

(I wasn't allowed in this picture since my name doesn't start with a 'J'. However, we should have found Jeanette and had her join this group.)

Frank and I

Me and Emmy (One of these days we'll get Emmy to pay attention when we're trying to take a picture!)

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  1. nice photos --that is so funny about the 'j' picture --where was jeanette for that one?
    Hope that you are able to run the series this year....will keep my fingers crossed and maybe at the 15K we can get some pics where I'll be looking!