Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PsychoMagnet at Georgetown Saloon - January 2nd 2009

Tom and I headed out to the Georgetown Saloon to checkout Rob's band, PsychoMagnet, on Friday night. We were thrilled to see Ed and Joyce pull up to park as we were heading in. We got there shortly after 9:30pm and were shocked to see that they had already started to play. Most nights we go to see a band they don't start until after 10pm. The dinner crowd was still there and some of them were dancing. We loved watching the little kids dancing with their parents. The band played appropriate music for this crowd for the first set and then switched to more of their usual rock songs in the next two sets.

We had a great evening out. The band was awesome and it was wonderful to hang out with Ed and Joyce.


Scott and Johnny 'Thunder'

Ed and Tom


Johnny Thunder


New Balance - the Official Footwear of the band?

Kate the groupie!



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  1. from the photos, looks like you had a great time -I envy you and Tom having musical friends so you have built-in entertainment.