Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boston Buildup 15k - January 25, 2009 - Ridgefield

I was surprised to see such a good turn out for the 15k since the new postponed date conflicted with the Winter Wonderland 5 Miler in Milford and the Manhattan half.

It was a very cold morning, which always seems to be the case with this race so we were all prepared for it. I hung out with Sean, Ikuko, Jill, Joe, Jeanette, Brian and Roy a little before the race started and then stood next to Jill, Joe and Jeanette at the start line.

Jill and I ran the entire race together with Joe close by for the first few miles. Neither Jill or Joe had been able to run throughout the week so they knew that they would be a little rusty. Joe was tempted to call it quits after 2 miles, but ended up toughing it out and running the entire race. Jeanette is only 2 weeks out from running the Disney marathon also so she was happy taking it easy also. It was a difficult race with many hills. The last two miles before the halfway turn around seemed to be all uphill, but the two miles after the turn around didn't seem to be downhill. Go figure! Jill and I like the out and back course design in this race because it gives us the opportunity too see the front runners come by on their way back from the turn around and to see some of our other friends as we came back from the turn around. We had a nice time running and chatting together and cheering for other runners as we passed by each other.

On the injury front - my knee hurt a little, but nothing significant so it was a good day!

Race Results:

Kate, Jill and Joe

Roy, Jill and Joe

Anton with Icicles


Maria (in green)



Tony giving Ikuko a massage

Jeanette, Joe and Jill


  1. Hi!
    Yes, we had fun today!
    I felt exactly same what you felt about
    I felt that we had only uphill today!
    I hope your knee will be fine!
    See you at next race!

  2. It would help if I stopped banging my knee on furniture! Hope to see you at the 20k!

  3. great photos and good race!!! You look thin --boy, it looked least it was dry.