Monday, November 3, 2008

Another great day for the Brits! Paula and Kate come through big in the 2008 ING New York City Marathon!

Paula after winning the race

Me in the park after a victory of my own!

Event Information:
Event: The ING New York City Marathon
Runner: Kathryn Stoker
Latest Results at 02:25:26 PM:
Location Time Pace/mile
5km 0:28:26 9:09
10km 0:56:17 9:03
15km 1:24:37 9:04
20km 1:53:44 9:09
Half-Marathon 2:00:09 9:09
25km 2:23:32 9:14
Mile 16 2:29:06 9:19
Mile 17 2:36:44 9:13
Mile 18 2:46:01 9:13
30km 2:52:05 9:13
Mile 19 2:55:29 9:14
Mile 20 3:05:29 9:16
Mile 21 3:15:20 9:18
35km 3:22:55 9:19
Mile 22 3:25:11 9:19
Mile 23 3:34:58 9:20
Mile 24 3:45:15 9:23
40km 3:53:24 9:23
Mile 25 3:54:44 9:23
Mile 26 4:03:56 9:22
Finish 4:05:48 9:22

What an amazing race! I am blown away by the entire experience. Running the New York marathon is absolutely amazing. I will have a full write up and will keep adding photos over the next few days.

First here are the basic facts. I finished in 4:05:48 at a 9:23 pace. This beats my prior PR by about 15 minutes!

Shawn and James at mile 17 - Poland Springs Hydration Station

Tom and James

Paula leading the elite women

Jay and Shawn

Barbara and James



  1. Congratulations on an Amazing Race this past weekend! It looks like you had a great time and lots of fun.

    How was the wind during the marathon? Did you have everything you needed for the race?

    Good Luck in your future events,

  2. Thanks Tammy. I did have a great time. The race was amazing. I didn't really notice any wind once I started running, but that's probably because there were always lots of people around me. It was very cold and windy before the race, but whenever the wind died down it was beautiful. It was a great temperature to run in.

    Yes, I had everything I needed and not too many extras. I didn't pack a garbage bag since it wasn't going to rain, but it's good to bring one anyway to sit on it on the grass. I found one that someone dropped so I was fine with that. I didn't sit down for long anyway as I kept walking around to check out where everything was.

    Thanks. I can't wait to pick out my next marathon. I'm also hoping to run NY again next year if I can get in.

  3. awesome job kate!! so proud of you!! i'm bummed that there wasn't any time to find you on staten island :( also bummed i didn't find tom at the poland springs station :( but maybe see you guys at beachfront bushwack this weekend?

  4. KATE! What a great job you did!!! Congratulations.

    Wow...your packing list is so extensive! I would not have thought of HALF of that stuff - though, the gummy bears woulda definitely been there! ;)


  5. great photos --so sorry to miss Tom and james-was running all along the LEFT side -duh.
    Very happy that you had such a good race, and enjoyed the course.