Monday, November 10, 2008

MADD Dash at Edgewood Park in New Haven - November 9th 2008

Let me start with a recap of my week since I ran the New York marathon the previous Sunday.

I was very happy to wake up on Monday and Tuesday after the marathon with no major aches or pains. I had some very slight muscle tightness around my knees and my lower quads, but that was about it. On Wednesday evening I went to my usual spin class at the gym. My teacher, Kellie, announced my marathon experience to the class and everyone gave me a round of applause and congratulations! Later in the class Kellie asked me if I'd be up for leading the class in a cycling sprint! So much for taking it easy on my first workout after the marathon. I was very happy that my legs felt really good and strong in class. However, I was struggling to breathe and was a little dizzy due to having some congestion and having taken some medication for it.

I went out for my first run on Friday morning. I only ran for 2.5 miles and was a little disappointed that my legs felt tired. I had been under the illusion that they were back to 100%. Silly me....I should know better.

I had a tough decision to make on Sunday. I could go to the MADD Dash in New Haven or the Beachfront Bushwhack in Greenwich. I knew that many of my friends would be in Greenwich and that it was closer to home, but I have enjoyed running the Edgewood Park race so much in the past and I didn't think that an obstacle course type race was what I needed at this point. I was also looking forward to seeing Brian Fidler in New Haven so that I could tell him all about New York.

I think I made the right decision. Once I'd picked up my bib for the race I went looking for Brian. He gave me a big hug and congratulated me on a great race. He told me how proud he was of me and we discussed some of the wonderful things about running NY. Torpedo and Donna Crammond joined in the conversation about the New York marathon and congratulated me on my race. Brian introduced me to another one of his friend's, Dawn Clark, who ran a marathon in Manchester, NH the previous weekend. She too had run a great race and posted a significant marathon PR for herself. I then saw Bruce Goulart, who was one of the few familiar faces I saw in New York. He had come running up to me in the marathon and chatted with me for a few minutes before he went on his way.

Brian and Kate

My mind set for this race was to take it easy and just go with the flow. I figured that my legs may still need a little more time to come back strong and I also now had a sinus infection to contend with. I had my water bottle with me since the infection and the medication was making my throat feel dry. I started out the first mile at a 8:09 pace and the second mile at an 8:01 pace and although I wasn't breathing as well as I would like my legs felt really good. I would keep passing runners and then look up ahead to the next runner and unintentionally pick up the pace a little until I passed them. I finished mile 3 in 7:56! I was now having to keep clearing my throat, was struggling to take deep breaths and was feeling a little light headed. However, I still kept going along with the speed that my legs wanted to go. I ran the 4th mile in a 7:49 pace and was still catching people. Towards the end of the 4th mile we had turned into Edgewood park and the rest of the race would be run through the park. There were many leaves on the ground so I was trying to be careful not to fall. With only one mile to go I really wanted to get a new PR, but I was slowing down. However, I saw someone ahead of me and again picked up the pace to pass them. I really didn't feel good, but I knew that I was almost done and if I ran a little faster I'd at least be able to get it over with quicker. I finished the last mile in 7:33 and the race in 39:27. This was a PR for me with my prior best being 40:15. I was very happy to find out later that I'd won a trophy for finishing 2nd in my division.

When I finished the race I was congratulated by Brian and Torpedo. Torpedo says that I need to have a saying "Another Week....Another PR..!!!! I wish it was that easy....

Brian and his Dad

Bruce and his friends

Dawn and her friends. Dawn is the one wearing the pink baseball cap and a 26.2 shirt! ;o)

Dawn, her friends and Brian and his Dad.

Marty announcing the winners

Me with my trophy for 2nd place in my division

The race shirt and my trophy

I am hoping to be able to run New York again next year, but I'm pretty sure that I won't get in via lottery so I have to come up with some other options. Emmy had mentioned that I could try to qualify by posting a half marathon time of 1:44, which is an 8 minute pace. However, my best time, which was a PR by 5 minutes last October was 1:47. I'm not sure that I will be able to take off 3 minutes, but with my new 5 miler PR I'm getting a little closer to this goal. Previously, I was able to run faster than than 8 minute pace in 5K races and 4 milers so now I've added a 5 miler to that. I guess my next goal is to see if I can run a 10K at a sub 8 minute pace. I think that I've got my work cutout for me if I'm going to be able to do this in a half.

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  1. Kate --great report and photos. You definately made the right decision to run the New haven race --even Sharon (who ran NYCM)came to watch (not race) the Bushwhack as she didn't want to get injured over a haybale:)--congrats on
    setting a PR and on placing!! It is interesting that you barely ran last week. That gave you the rest you needed to push through the race -often you have a good race after rest!!. Also, you are slim and trim:)
    The last 2 miles of a 5 miler are the hardest mentally and you stayed strong -good last mile!! This race shows you might have a shot at qualifying with a 1:44 1/2---arghhh.
    Oh, Frank was just asking about Torpedo!! He was wondering what he'd been up to...