Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This morning's run and yesterday's sunrise

I'd better be careful what I wish for! In yesterday's blog I mentioned that it should be down to the high 20s before I transition to long sleeves and leggings. I got my wish! The wind chill made it 27-29 degrees out this morning. I don't know why I have to keep experimenting with my clothing every winter. You'd think I would have it all figured out from the last few years! I went out in light leggings, a thin long-sleeved tech shirt, a hat and gloves. I did pull up the sleeves of my shirt a few times when the wind died down, but had to keep pulling them back down again when it picked back up so I was happy with my decision to go long. However, I forgot that my tummy gets very cold because I don't tuck in my shirt. So, next time I need to take Emmy's advise and go with layers. A very thin tech tank top tucked in underneath my shirt would have been perfect. I was very happy with my leggings and hat. My gloves did feel a little too warm so I may go with a thinner pair next time. I ran a nice slow and comfortable 6.25 miles this morning. My legs feel good and strong, but I still have the pain on the inside of my knee by my knee cap, which got much worse in the last mile and a half. I'm not sure what it is, but at this point I don't think it's a bruise anymore. I'll spin tonight and not run again until Saturday to give it a little time to heal.

I forgot to mention the sunrise on yesterday's run. In the last half mile stretch heading home I got to see a beautiful sunrise which turned the sky a kind of orange color. It was beautiful. One of the things I love about running in the fall and winter is starting out in the dark and then watching the sun slowly rise.

Volleyball recap:
Monday in Westport we won 2-1
Tuesday in Norwalk we won 3-0

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